Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At Peace

It is with saddened, yet at peace hearts that we tell you that our adoption fell through. It is such an odd feeling to be sad yet at peace. It was our prayer though that if this baby was not meant to be ours, that the papers would not be signed and that in it, we would have peace. God answered those prayers and for that we are grateful.

We are also extremely grateful for our wonderful friends and family who all came together to support us in prayer, finances, and uplifting words. Without that, we don't think we could have gotten thru the last 24 hours.

These next few hours, days, weeks will be a challenge for us as we were deeply emotionally involved and are quite shocked about it all. They say that having a failed adoption feels like losing a child. We're not sure if this is what it feels like or not, but we do know that there is still a hole in our family that is waiting to be filled.

We ask that you uphold us in prayer as we are still choosing to move forward with adoption and just know that God has the perfect timing and child for us.


  1. I'm so sorry, Vanessa. I will keep your family, including the little baby somewhere who is meant to come to you, in my heart and prayers.


  2. My heart breaks for you my friend. I'm so glad that God is giving you peace during this difficult time. Love you!

  3. I'm so sorry, Vanessa.
    Praying for that baby...the one who is growing not under your heart, but in it...

  4. Thank you Melissa. I am sure I will pray for that baby until the day I die.


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