Monday, March 8, 2010

Application Updates

Thought I would do a quick review of our adoption grant applications for you all so you know where we stand and how to pray.

Micah Fund-We have this one....just waiting to find out the amount given once we are matched. Please pray specifically that we would receive the full amount we asked for.
Match Fund-$1,000
Katelyn's Fund-Re-applied and praying that God would work supernaturally in this so that we can get it.
Gift of Adoption-They finally reviewed our application, but denied us. However, the good news is, we can re-apply 3 times and we definitely will! The only reason they denied us is that we have less than half the cost of the adoption already funded (which would be around $10,000). They like to see that amount before granting us a grant. We are praying for a miracle so that we can re-apply soon!
National Adoption Foundation-This one we have applied for many times and not gotten. However you can keep re-applying many times. Again, praying that God would do a miracle with the adoption and let us get it this month!!
God's Grace Adoption Ministry-This is one we applied for last year and did not receive. We re-applied and are confident that God can and will do a miracle in this!
Orphan Ministry Adoption-This is one that just started in the town we live in. It is through a local church and they will be meeting on March 15th to discuss our application. If you could be in prayer for God to reign, that would be wonderful.

I think that covers all that we can and have done! Phew! Lots of paperwork, but I believe worth it in the end. If you want to pray specifically, could you just pray that God would show favor on us for each grant. That He would lay on the hearts of the people to support us. Lastly, and I hope I'm not sounding selfish here, that He would grant us the maximum amount possible for each grant.

I know some may think we are crazy, and we would too if we were on the other side, but honestly we have such a peace that can only come from God. We also know that He loves the orphan and want to provide for them, and that is what has been laid on our hearts to do. So thank you faithful blog readers and prayer warriors, we appreciate it more than you will probably ever know!!

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