Thursday, January 12, 2012

Does $1 really make a difference?

Last night I decided on a whim to take my oldest two on a trip to Target. I had a few things to return and also needed to pick a few things up. For Christmas each of the girls got a gift card to Target and while Zoelle had already used hers, Meridian had not, so we ended up in the toy aisles at Target.

I was letting the girls look to their hearts content while reminiscing about my own childhood, when I noticed a certain doll. Nothing was telling about this baby doll. Really it was just a doll with a pacifier and blanket. Marked for $10.99. I told Meridian that if she wanted she could buy it and I would pay the difference (the gift card was for $10).

And then my eyes noticed something sitting right next to this doll.

The same exact doll, except she was Caucasian and when my eyes wandered to the price I was astounded to see it listed at $11.99.

$1 more than the same doll that was African American.

My heart sank. As a mama to an African American daughter, I did not like the message that was being sent out to her, my other daughters, or anyone else.

I sent out a Tweet to Target when I got home that said:

This morning I woke up to a tweet from them asking me to contact them along with their contact info. When I saw that they wanted me to contact them I questioned whether or not $1 was worth it?

I mean, it's only a dollar. Not a big deal, right?

But then I thought what if $1 is a big deal to her?? What if it is a big deal to them?? Those who have been told their whole life that they aren't as important, aren't as needed, aren't as valuable compared to the white people.

And because I vowed to never stay silent and to always fight for my daughter, I called them.

*To read a follow up on this post and how you can make a difference, click HERE.*


  1. So, what did they have to say? And I agree... it was worth the phone call! <3

  2. Annalise-

    Well, so far I haven't gotten anywhere with them. A lot of "blah, blah, blah". I actually need to call back with the exact item number of the dolls because the guy I talked to said that he can't tell me why unless I have that. He basically told me that they are similar items with the same features, yet they are different items so that is why. He stated it's not a black and white issue, but so far until they can prove me differently, I'm not agreeing with that. I will update my blog when I get a direct answer!!

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  6. What I don't get is: If it has nothing to do with race, why does the description of the African American doll have 'aa' after newborn and the Caucasian description just says 'newborn'?

  7. Whoops! Sorry for the comment spam. My phone has, yet again, outsmarted me.

    But I had another thought: When I see Disney princess dolls listed on the shelves, I don't see different prices/descriptions for each separate doll. Would they not also fit the rep's categorizing of same item/different features?

    Just further drives home the point that this is not a simple pricing error. :(

  8. Crunchy Chick-Ha! No worries about the phone! ;) I was wondering who would first notice that about the description! I noticed it right away. And I agree about the Disney doll pricing. In further talks with them Friday and finding out some more were found at various Targets, I agree, this is NOT a pricing error.

  9. I checked my local Target today and they had the same prices. Add to that - they had a Hispanic baby for $10.99 as well. :(

  10. Crunchy Chick-Where is your Target at?? You can email me privately if you would rather not say on here. jewelsntreasures (at) yahoo (dot) com I'm just trying to compile a list of the Targets that have varying prices.

  11. hi vanessa, sorry I just saw this. my target is located in colorado springs, colorado. I was thrilled to read the update and am planning to check my target again today. :D

  12. No problem!! Thanks for coming back and letting me know!! If you did check it out, feel free to let me know if they are not different!


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