Friday, July 6, 2012

It's been two years

2 years ago today, you held her and gazed lovingly down at her. Then you made what most likely will be the hardest decision of your whole life; you handed her to me. I can still hear your sobs, still see your hands shaking. Then you walked away for the rest of your life, with your heart in my hands.

I cried for you. I sobbed. I turned to Chris and told him that you could have her back. My heart broke for you. My life was never the same again. Either was yours. Or hers. In fact, the whole world changed.

Two years later, this little girl has forever changed us all. But I want you to know, that I still think of you. I pray for you. I love you.

Thank you for this little piece of sunshine that you allowed in our hearts. We love you and are thinking and praying for you on this day.