Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Under Three!!!

Yes, you just read that correctly! The post we have been seemingly waiting forever to post, we can now officially post. We are going to be parents to three children under the age of three years old! Woohoo! It will definitely be an adventure, that is for sure. We know you all have questions and we are going to do our best to answer so here we go:

How long have you known?

We have actually known for a little over 3 weeks, but for various reasons, we weren't able to tell until now. So if in the last 3 weeks you have asked us, we have lied! :) Sorry about that. You truly wouldn't believe how many people just happened to ask us these past weeks and it was so hard to keep our mouths shut!

When is the baby due?

End of March

Do you know if it's a boy or girl?

Yes we do, but just as we never found out with our girls, we have chosen to not tell with this baby until he/she is here.

What race is the baby?

We are going to save that story for later.

Where is the baby from?


How much is it going to cost?

Between $18,000-$19,000 plus travel fees.

Do you have the money financially to adopt?

No, we don't! We will find out soon on how much our Micah Fund grant is giving us, so we will have more of an idea of how much we will need. The rest is all up to God. When we were first called with a match, we were extremely excited, yet also nervous as to how the funds will come together. However, over the last few weeks, God has shown us His faithfulness and His power in providing. We know that He will provide.

Do you have any specific prayer requests?

Yes. Please pray first and foremost for our birthmom R. That she would have peace and direction in this decision. We cannot even begin to imagine the range of emotions she is experiencing and we know that it would be extremely hard. Second of all, pray for ALL things to come together smoothly. Money, travel plans, Meridian sleeping, Zoelle adapting, etc. We just are asking for a supernatural prayer over this adoption.

We will definitely keep you all updated as we go along so keep checking here for updates!


  1. Wonderful news! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story and "meet" him/her. :D

  2. I am so excited to share the stories that we have as the events unfold. This is definitely a God thing! :) Thanks Andrea!

  3. Vanessa!!! I'm SO SO SOOO happy for you all!!! God is so good! Bless you dears, I just felt like something was going on, I don't know why...I've been checking here every day! I can't wait for him/her to come home to your arms!


  4. Mandy-You probably felt like something was going on because I've been pretty elusive lately while talking about it. I have also had a lot of adoption posts getting everyone up to date on where we stand financially.

    Thanks for your support and prayers!! :)

  5. Wonderful Vanessa!! I am thrilled for you. I will be praying for you!

  6. So excited for you and your family Vanessa. What a blessing! Praying that everything will come together quickly.

    Andrea (annieroo)

  7. I can hardly believe it! It seems like it's been a dream, and now that things are solidifying, reality is hitting! You will be great as a mama to 3, no matter their age. :) I can't wait to cuddle and love on this little one, and hopefully this little one will like it's cousin coming in July! Love you and so happy for you!

  8. WaHoo!!! So thrilled for you! When I was talking to you and your mom last Wednesday I felt like something was different and now I know why! What awesome news! I am just so utterly happy for your entire family. Your parents, your sister-- all your brother and sisters! There will be lots of welcoming arms,celebrations, love and joy in your family over the next several weeks. :) God is amazing and so Good!

  9. Congratulations!
    I don't know if you know who I am (we were in a cabin together at IPBC a loooong time ago)...but I stalk your blog. We just adopted and it's fantastic! Looking forward to hearing the rest of your story:). Praying for you amazing birthmom!


  10. Thank you so much everyone! We are thrilled and excited! Keep praying for us!

  11. Congratulations! Yes, I'll help you in my prayers for a wonderful family life with 3 children to love. You're one in a million! God Bless you!

  12. That is wonderful! Looking forward to hearing more as you wait for him/her to arrive.

  13. Lita-Thank you so much! That was sweet :)

    Melissa-Thanks! :)


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