Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why not International Adoption?

If you head on over here to my family blog you can see that, like many of you, Haiti has been on my heart. I've been praying and wondering what I, just a stay at home mom of two little girls, could do to help. So far, God has only told me to keep praying, and I have it on my heart to give too, so I need to talk to my hubby about that. However, Monday morning, not 24 hours after being told that we were not chosen for that baby, our social worker called and asked us if we wanted to adopt from Haiti. We needed an answer right then.

I don't do well making fast decisions. It takes me forever to decide...literally! Unfortunately, my husband is just like me in this area, so together we are s-l-o-w in making decisions. The good thing about that is: we rarely ever make a rash, bad decision. The bad thing about that is: we often miss out on what we were even deciding on in the first place.

I was in the middle of teaching piano when we got the call, so I didn't have much time to think until piano was done. Of course, the mom in me wanted to say yes immediately. All I could think of was the thousands of children orphaned. I pleaded my case to Chris stating that if we didn't adopt, that child would probably end up dead, or at the very least, starving for food and love from a family. Chris in his wisdom told me we needed to think and pray.

Eventually, we came up with the decision of no. Why you may ask? It's not our calling. From the time I was little, I felt whole heartedly called by God to adopt a domestic infant. No matter the cost, God showed me that He would provide. We didn't want to base this decision off of the fact that this child would probably be here soon, and that there would be no dealing with a wait, or decisions. We also have said time and time again, we don't want to have to make decisions based off of money. This was one situation that I was so thankful to God that we are slow decision makers. I was filled with peace and we know we made the right decision.

Perhaps one day we will adopt internationally*, but for now we follow the calling of adopting a domestic infant.

*That my friends is another post altogether because I actually do feel very called to adopt internationally, but God would have to change some MAJOR rules in the country I feel called to.


  1. In adoption, you have to make decisions that no one else understands. Keep following the voice in your heart!

  2. Yes, you really do! Thanks so much for reminding me to keep going after what is on my heart!


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