Friday, January 15, 2010

On pins and needles

We are completely on pins and needles in our household, awaiting an answer. An incredibly sweet friend of mine sent me a text recently that said, "I can't imagine what it's like to think that tomorrow your world could change again". She put it perfectly. Every time that phone rings, I jump up and imagine that this could be it. Every time I sit to go check my e-mail I fear that there is an e-mail from our social worker. I'm convinced that if we are picked, we will get a call. If we aren't-it will be told to us in e-mail.

So we once again wait on pins and needles. All we know now is that the birthmom has our profile and wants a few days to decide. I'm praying that no matter what the outcome, she has peace and clarity with her decision.

So while I wait on pins and needles, I'll pray for her, for the baby, for us, and I'll enjoy my two girls that I have. For God may soon be giving us a third child and I want to cherish each second He gives us with just two.


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