Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hi everyone! Or at least I hope there are some of you who read this still. :) I actually have told a few people in the last couple of days that I wonder if anyone reads this, or if I am just talking to myself! Ha! So, if you are reading, feel free to comment on here, or even tell me in person. I love that, as it is very encouraging to Chris and I to hear from those of you who are faithful in your prayers for us.

Have you been praying lately? Saturday is our first BIG official day on the first grant. We have been seeking the Lord all week. On Sunday, we had one of the elders of the church pray with us for these grants. He asked us if we had a specific amount in mind for the grants. We answered honestly, that we don't. We just are trusting that God knows how much this adoption will cost. He also knows that we would like to stay out of debt. So, we trust in Him to provide the money through grants and faithful givers. This elder then went on to share with us a verse from the Bible. It was so amazing how it pertained to our exact situation, that I must share it with you.

"I tell you the truth, the things you don't allow on earth will be the things God does not allow. And the things you allow on earth will be the things that God allows. Also, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about something and pray for it, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. This is true because if two or three people come together in my name, I am there with them."
Matthew 18:18-20

We are claiming this completely this week, and all throughout this grant process.

I wanted to breakdown each of the grants that we have applied for so that you may be praying specifically for each one.

*Match Fund-this is the grant that meets on Saturday to discuss our application.
*Micah Fund-they have received our application and should be calling soon for an interview.
*God's Grace Adoption Ministry-have not heard anything yet-please pray we will soon.
*Katelyn's Fund-have not heard anything yet-please pray we will soon.
*Gift of Adoption Fund-in the process of finishing application, almost complete.
*Shaohannah's Hope-have not started this yet, hopefully start and complete this week.

In all of our searching, I believe these are the only specific grants that we can apply for in regards to our adoption situation. Each grant varies in the amount they give. Our prayer is a bold one in which we could get the maximum amount for each grant. Please continue to pray for us as we approach each of these grant application processes.

I cannot wait to come on here and share what God has done for us in these grants. I am so confident that it will be because of your faithful prayers and giving, and through these grants, that one day soon, we will bring our little baby home.


  1. Hey Ness! Just wanted to tell you that I have you on my Google Reader. I look forward to each new blog! Have a great day.


  2. me too! I check everyday! :)

    prayers are lifted for you dear!

  3. Me too! I'm just not good about leaving comments!

  4. Thanks for the update, I'm still praying for you guys!


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