Monday, December 29, 2008

Prayer Needed

I feel that I am constantly asking for your prayers. However, I truly feel God telling me to ask those of you who faithfully read, to lift us up in prayer. We have now submitted four grant applications. We should be hearing back from them at the beginning of the new year. One in particular is meeting on January 10th. Please pray specifically that those who review us would find favor with us. In the book Prayers That Avail Much, there is a specific prayer that we will be praying over in these upcoming weeks. If you feel led, we would ask you to do so as well.

Father, in the name of Jesus, You make Your face to shine upon and enlighten Chris/ Vanessa and are gracious (kind, merciful and giving favor) to them. Chris/Vanessa are the head and not the tail. Chris/Vanessa are above only and not beneath.

Thank you for favor for Chris/Vanessa who seek Your Kingdom and Your righteousness and diligently seek good. Chris/Vanessa are a blessing to You, Lord, and are a blessing to these adoption grant funds. Grace (favor) is with Chris/Vanessa who love the Lord Jesus in sincerity. Chris/Vanessa extend favor, honor and love to adoption grant funds. Chris/Vanessa are flowing in Your love, Father. You are pouring out upon Chris/Vanessa the spirit of favor. You crown them with glory and honor, for they are Your children-Your workmanship.

Chris/Vanessa are a success today. Chris/Vanessa are people very special with You, Lord. Chris/Vanessa are growing in the Lord-waxing strong in spirit. Father, You give Chris/Vanessa knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom.

You bring these adoption grant funds to find favor, compassion, and loving kindness with Chis/Vanessa. Chris/Vanessa obtain favor in the sight of all who look upon them this day in the name of Jesus. Chris/Vanessa are filled with Your fullness-rooted and grounded in love. You are doing exceeding abundantly above all that Chris/Vanessa asks or thinks, for Your mighty power is taking over in these adoption grant funds.

Thank you, Father, that Chris/Vanessa are well-favored by You and by man in Jesus' name! Amen.

Thank you to those of you who are upholding us in prayer. We had a busy, but very fulfilling Christmas. I will try and jump on here in the next few days to update you with a few pictures of Zoelle and maybe (if I am brave) a pregnancy picture. Blessings to all in this New Year!

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