Monday, January 12, 2009

While We Wait

We are still waiting on news. We haven't heard anything yet, so please keep praying. So...while we wait, I thought I would show you all some adorable video and a picture of our little Zoelle Grace (who is now 19 months old). I was just sharing with a friend that I don't post a lot of Zoelle pictures on here because it is a blog for our adoption. Maybe someday, I will create a family blog. However, Zoelle is a HUGE part of the adoption, so I have to include some pictures. :)

The above picture is really special to me for two reasons (yes, I do realize it is terribly out of focus). 1. We have very little pictures of Zoelle sleeping as she is an extremely light sleeper and wakes up if she even slightly hears us. 2. This was my "Reddy Teddy" as a little girl that I slept with every night until I got married! She has since "adopted" Reddy Teddy as her own, which is just precious to me. If I can ever find it, I will show you a picture of me with Reddy Teddy when I was just a little older then Zoelle.

The video below is of her dressing up in daddy's gloves and ear muffs. She then proceeded to immediately begin singing her abc's, which I only got half of! Sorry it's the wrong way, I always forget that!

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