Thursday, January 22, 2009

Some news...finally!

Praise God! I just told Chris last night that he better be praying we hear something soon on these grants. I was literally going crazy just waiting. I hate waiting as it feels like I am doing nothing. So today, in the midst of kind of a bad afternoon (Zoelle refused to nap), I received a call. It was from the Match Fund. Chris had told me when they called a few weeks ago, that they were meeting on January 10th to discuss us. Well apparently, they met on January 13th and Chris misunderstood them. Either way, January 13th was some time ago, so I wanted to find out what they had decided. Apparently...nothing! They are a church that does these funds and they met as a board, but had so many things to talk about that they never got to us. :) Phew! It is a relief for me to know at least that we didn't get voted out of getting anything. They are now meeting quickly this Sunday and it sounds promising, so keep us in your prayers. Also, if you all could pray we hear back from more grants that would be great. As soon as we hear back and know an approximate financial number, we can get our homestudy out there to birthmoms. As I told my mom this afternoon, "I would be devastated if we never got to adopt, as adoption is so in our hearts!". That is just truly the heart of us wanting to adopt!

Below is an adorable video I got of Zoelle tonight at dinner. Since she was a baby, her and Chris have sang and danced to "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman. About a month ago, Chris and I were shocked when we heard Zoelle quietly singing it to herself in her highchair. Well tonight, I finally got it on video. I'm not sure if you can understand all the lyrics, but if you know the song, I am pretty sure you will. Just adorable! :)

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  1. Cuuute! I love it when she breaks into the "midnight" part, just adorable! Monte immediately insisted he come up and watch ;)

    Praise God for some news! Its getting closer...soon, very soon!!!


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