Sunday, October 3, 2010

Financial Update

I know many of you have been wondering and not sure if you should ask or not, where we ended up financially with this adoption. I've been waiting to post because we do still have one more grant that we are waiting to hear from soon (you all can be in prayer for that).

However, we did want to give a BIG huge praise to God and a thanks to all of you who supported us, and ultimately Xiomara as we were able to raise enough funds through your generous support and through grants to pay for about half of her adoption costs! Praise God!

When we first started this process we felt the Lord telling us to trust Him in providing the money and that He would do it. Even though we didn't get the full amount for her adoption, I truly believe that He can still provide it, even if that means month by month for us. Also if we finalize her adoption this year, I believe we will get the full amount of adoption tax credit, which is $13,170. That would pay off the rest of her adoption. Of course, the adoption tax credit is a little confusing and there is always some question as to if we would get that full amount this year. It also hinges on us finalizing this year, which we are praying we can so that we don't have this debt.

Just wanted to give you all an update and ask for prayers that we continue to trust God to provide for us financially as we finalize this adoption and go forth with God's plans in Xiomara's life.


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