Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear J,

Xiomara is three months old today. Three months. Wow! I cannot believe it has been that long already. Yet, it seems like such a short time too. I know you already love her, but you truly would love her if you could just see her today. She has the sweetest personality and is all smiles.

We prayed she would be a baby of full of joy, and she truly has been. Her big sisters are doing well with her. Zoelle still wants to hold her constantly and Meridian just wants to kiss her baby lots.

Her daddy adores her. I know you wanted that for her, so I wanted to make sure I told you that.

And me? I am pretty much smiling from ear to ear constantly. I feel so complete now with her in my arms.

Even though I'm not sure when you will read this letter, or if you ever will I wanted to tell you thanks again for our little angel girl. We love her. It doesn't seem right or enough to end like that, but I'm not sure what more to say to you who gave her more than we could have ever asked for. Thank you!


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