Thursday, September 16, 2010

The day has arrived

The day I hoped somehow would never come, has come. Xiomara is sleeping peacefully in my lap after her last feeding and here I am wide awake blogging knowing I could never fall asleep again as my baby is getting surgery.

Would you all please pray. My heart is breaking for her. In two hours, she is going to be extremely hungry and surgery isn't until 11:45 a.m. I'm also just sick of the thought of handing over a hysterical baby to be put under. Would you all just pray that she is peaceful?

My dad will be coming with me to the surgery. Chris will be staying back at the hotel with the girls. Please pray it goes well for them. Meridian had an extremely tough night of sleeping last night (maybe she felt my nerves?) and I am praying she goes right down tonight and stays sleeping for Chris with no problems. This is my first time away from her and her first time going a whole day without nursing. Just pray for Chris to have a fun time with the girls and for them both to be ok without mom for a day and night (Zoelle is pretty nervous about Xiomara having surgery).

Overall, I'm nervous yet know God is with us and that you all will be praying! Thanks so much and we will keep you updated!


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