Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Complete Peace

All things are possible with God
-Mark 10:27

It is with the knowledge that all things are possible with Him, that we have agreed to pursue this adoption now, not in a year. Do we want to be a "just in case"? No! But God has called us to this adoption, and we don't want to quit on him out of fear of what may or may not happen. He called us to it a year ago, and he will guide us to completing it in His timing. If that means that we need to update our home study more than once and spend more money, then we know that He is the one providing for us in all aspects of the adoption in order to do so.

While both our girls are in bed early this evening, and Chris is at a night job, I thought I would let you all know our decision. We have complete peace about it! Since everyone is either asleep or gone, I now have some time to work on our family profile. Pray that it is easy to complete and not overwhelming!

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