Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dear Baby

To my sweet little ________________,

It has been over a year now of officially waiting for you. I hate it! I just want you in my arms to have and to hold forever. I'm sick of waiting. I'm tired of the game. I want you here with your two big sisters. With your mommy to rock you at night and your daddy to hold you gently while you cry. You belong with us. On days, like today, it feels like you are never going to come. God has to keep reminding me that He will bring you to us, it is just in His time.

I thank God that long ago He gave me a vision of you and also a name. It keeps me going day after day. I never stop praying that God would bless your first mom and keep you safe with her while we wait for you. That she would cherish every minute with you and that she would be blessed for this amazing yet hard decision she has to make.

Sweet little __________, God has great plans for you. Of that I am certain. I want, no I need you to know, that I am not giving up. I am prepared to battle for you and that I, your mama, love you with all my heart. I will have the biggest smile on my face the day you are placed in my arms forever. You are already etched into my heart and so I continue to wait for that beautiful day __________.

I love you!



  1. Oh, Vanessa. Waiting is so hard to do. I hope and pray that God gives you peace in this "restless" period.

    Best wishes to you and your family,

  2. Stephanie-Thank you so much for praying! We can feel the prayers during this "restless" period. God is going to fulfill His promises though. Thank you so much! :) Blessings.


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