Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God Is Not Finished Yet!

We thought we were all finished with grant applications. However, God always has a surprise for us! We were all set to mail the Our Creator's Hope grant application a month ago and then found out they were not accepting applications at the time. Last night, while going through our e-mails, I found the link to their blog. When I checked it, I found out that they are now accepting applications for a $1,000 grant! Yay! We are beyond excited for another try at another grant. :) This grant opportunity starts today and all materials must be e-mailed in by April 30th! So it is a short opportunity, but one we are so thankful we caught in time.

He is also working in our other grants. We got word from Shaohannah's Hope that they will be reviewing our application within 3 months of first applying. That puts us into June, but we are okay with that, if that is what God's timing is for us. We also found out that Shaohannah's Hope averages about $3,000 per grant. They receive well over 100 applicants each month and are only able to provide grants to approximately 35% of those who apply.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank those of you who were praying for the Gift of Adoption grant. We were specifically praying that they would review our application (as they give favor to those who are matched with a child first). They contacted us last week with a tentative application review in May. Praise God for answered prayers!

Would you please join with us in praying and speaking life over these remaining grants. We want to stay realistic, but also to have hope and just know that God is going to provide. After all, nothing is too big for God. :)

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