Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keep Praying!

Chris is on a plane back to our home. I'm excited that he gets to go home to be with Zoelle. However, I am sad and jealous too as I was really hoping to be on that plane next to him. :( This afternoon my dad will fly in and I'm sure that will bring some special time together with two of his grandaughters. Keep praying for our paperwork to go thru quickly. Yesterday, I was told not until Thursday or Friday. At this point, my only prayer is to not have to wait out the weekend here in Georgia. I just want to be home, together as a family. I miss my Z, Mer misses her and is feeling sick (although a bit better), and I want to meet my new niece and introduce my new babe to our families. Sigh...it's gonna be a long week. Keep praying!

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