Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's a.....

At 3:37 a.m. a beautiful little girl was born. She was 5lbs. 14oz. I don't have the length. We aren't sharing a name yet as we want to wait the full 10 days, but for now, we have three little girls.

We are still figuring out travel, but it is looking like for Chris' sake the earliest we can leave is Thursday. Pray that we can get cheap flights, and easy travel for all.

Keep praying that God's will be done and that He reign in and thru us.


  1. Congratulations mama!!!

  2. Congratulations! I'm sure whatever you name her will be perfect and I have no doubt that she's just as beautiful as your other two girls :)

  3. congratulations! so happy for you!!

  4. I bet breastfeeding will still work out! shes still so new!!! CONGRATS!


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