Friday, October 30, 2009


It has been an extremely busy week here with our girls. Zoelle has been showing her spirit wherever she goes and in whatever she does, so she is keeping me constantly on my toes. Meridian, we think is about to pop her very first tooth, so she has been struggling to fall asleep for nap time and bed time and then stay asleep. So, I haven't been on here to update much. They are still both darling though and I love them with all my heart:

Unfortunately, this post is actually going to be quite short (in terms of not really talking about the adoption). As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am doing some changing and updating to my blog. In addition to changing this blog, I am going to start a family blog as a way for our kids to have a record of their childhood.

One of the first and biggest changes to this blog will be the blog address. I wanted to forewarn you all of it first before I actually went ahead and changed it. Those of you who are my friends on facebook, I will post the new address there, so no worries. However, any who don't follow me on facebook, or aren't my friends there, just leave me a message and I will send you the new address once it is switched. I'll wait a few days in order that everyone that wants to sees this and is able to let me know they want the new address.

As far as the adoption goes, I will post more on that later (I promise) as we are in the process of making some decisions of whether to show our profile or not in a few different situations. Prayers are always appreciated! :)

Don't forget-leave me a comment, or somehow contact me for the new address if you want to keep following. Those of you who are faithful followers, our blog is staying the same as far as my posts will not disappear, etc. Just the address is changing right now.


  1. Please let me know your new blog url, Vanessa :)

    Brooke (DS/Ovusoft)

  2. Hey Brooke! :) Glad you saw this because I was thinking of you. I so would have found a way to contact you if I didn't hear from you. Hope all is well with you guys! :)


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