Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The last of the applications...phew!

Well today is a very snowy day here. :( In fact so snowy, that Chris is still home from work (not much carpet cleaning or sign rentals going on with this snowstorm). Anyway, I am in one of my moods again of "get everything done". I made a new list last night that included everything I must finish before this belly babe gets here.

One of those things was finish adoption grant applications. We only had one application to finish, but one other one that we just finally received the last of the paperwork (from our social worker) on late yesterday. So since Chris was here to watch Zoelle, I worked hard and finished all applications. They can be mailed out as soon as we can shovel our way out! :)

It was honestly a huge relief to us to be done. I don't think either of us ever realized the work it would take to fill out all of these applications. On the other hand, it is kind of scary to realize that we have now done our part and God has to do the rest.

Here is a recap of the applications (so again you can be praying):

HelpUsAdopt-Finished today! Grant amounts range from $500-$15,000. We will know by June 15th the amount we receive (notice I say we will receive; I just am trusting God here).

Shaohannah's Hope-Received last of paperwork yesterday. Long story, but be praying that they specifically will accept our paperwork. They apparently encourage you to apply at anytime in the adoption process. However, they only like to give grants once you have been matched with a child (which we obviously have not). Unknown grant amount range. Application process takes 90-120 days. We need lots of prayers here!

National Adoption Fund-Grants range from $500-$2,500. We should know by April 15th the amount we will receive.

Gift of Adoption Fund-Waiting to hear back still; praying it is soon. Grants range from $500 to $7,500. The average grant award is $3,500. Pray! Their policy is very similar to Shaohannah's Hope in that they give first preference to those who have been matched with a child. Please pray we can somehow get our application looked at anyways.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry-They contacted us waiting to hear back from one more reference. They should be able to review our application at the end of this month (which I am guessing got pushed back to the end of this month now). Typical grant amounts range from $1,000 to $4,000 with an average of about $2,000. Pray!

So other than praying for us and these grants, just keep tuning in to our blog. We should have updates on several of these in the next few weeks. Oh, and I am trying to win a Twilight Tide Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!! again. I just happened to check back on that blog and they are giving away a different Pettiskirt now. I figure it doesn't hurt to try! :)

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