Monday, March 23, 2009

Keep Believing and Don't Stop

This last weekend I (Vanessa) had the opportunity to attend the woman's retreat at my church. I always have a hard time going (just because I am a home body), but once there, I have a wonderful time. The speaker this year was a woman by the name of Karen Jensen. She was an amazing speaker, and had an incredible message on unforgiveness in our lives.

One of her CD series is called "Keep Believing and Don't Stop". She just briefly touched on what it was about, but instantly I realized that it had everything to do with our adoption. You see, last week, feeling desperately discouraged in our adoption, I told Chris we should just quit, it wasn't worth it, etc. Like the man of God he is, he refused! :) Thank God for Him because he knows we are to keep going.

So, we will continue to hold onto the rope until the answer comes. For on the other side of the rope, is God's promise of a little baby. It may be a longer rope, or a shorter one, we can't see, but we trust that God has fulfilled His promise already on His end. We just need to keep holding on until we get there.

Meanwhile, thought you would enjoy a few pictures my wonderful friend Anahita (hi Ana) took of our family for some maternity pics. I have 9 weeks to go, and while I haven't touched much on this pregnancy (as this is our adoption blog), I would appreciate prayers for the rest of this pregnancy.

Blessings, and keep holding on to your rope! God has the other end!


  1. I told you on fb that your pics are darling!

    and.. come check out my blog. I gave you something!


  2. that last post didn't come out right.. I am exhausted!

    what I meant to say, was that I already told you, but I wanted to tell you again, that your pics are darling!



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