Thursday, February 5, 2009


This week Chris, Zoelle, and I are away on an incredible free vacation my parents gave us. Thank you again Dad and Mom! It has been a huge blessing for us to get away from work, the house, and just the everyday things of life to do...well, nothing! We could have chosen to go basically anywhere with this free vacation, however, we are only an hour away from home. :) While it is not a tropical, Caribbean beach vacation, it has been just wonderful for us regardless of that fact.

Meanwhile, we wait. I think we literally both hate waiting. We were up late into the night last night talking of our options for this adoption to happen. Right now, we are trying to patiently wait to hear back on these grants. However, I think both of us were a little shocked on how much time it would take to hear back from places. We prayed specifically last night that God would give us some hope and that things would move forward in the adoption process rather than be stagnant.

This morning, I woke up and went straight to a message I received from my dear friend Tara a few weeks back. She had written a little devotional on waiting and thought it would be really good for us to read as well. She was right, and this morning I had to once again read it to realize that God is doing work in us, in the baby we plan to adopt, and in who knows what else while we wait. It's just that waiting is hard, but we will continue to do so knowing God's will is being done while we wait.

Below, is a beautiful song by John Waller called "While I'm Waiting". I listened to it again yesterday and realized that this song describes what we are feeling completely. So, enjoy listening to it, and maybe you too will learn to wait on the Lord.

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  1. That song was in Fireproof - love it!
    Keep on keeping on friends :-)


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