Sunday, February 8, 2009

Micah Fund Update

Thank you for your prayers! This is a quick update, as there is not a whole lot to update! :) We were interviewed, and the interview went amazing. We will find out within a week if we are accepted or not. If so, they asked us what amount we would like to receive. They do not have a minimum or a maximum amount to give, they will just give whatever amount possible that they have at that time. The clincher is, we won't know how much that amount is until we are placed with a baby. It makes things sort of difficult for planning, but we can totally understand why they do so. Plus, we are having faith that it will be the perfect amount that we need for the adoption! So, we basically told them a very large, high number in just having HUGE faith in God that whatever comes to us, comes. So, you can all pray that 1. We get accepted 2. We get the highest amount, the perfect amount, that God has in mind for us when the time comes.

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