Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where we are at?

We seem to be getting lots of questions of where we are at in our adoption journey. I come to the blog hoping that some of you read it so I can answer your questions. As of now, we have turned in all of our home study paperwork. We can pretty much put our name out there to be matched with a birth mom at anytime. However, we could be picked rather quickly and thus need the finances to pay for the adoption right then. So, for now, our home study is complete (or just about) but we are not sending it out to agencies yet. Why you wonder? If a birth mom would pick us, imagine the hurt and pain she would feel if she later found out that we did not have the finances right then. That is not something we want to do to a birth mom. This is a very emotional processes for both the birth mom and ourselves, and we need to be ready financially before we put our home study out there.

Chris and I constantly keep talking about how God must be strengthening our faith and trust in Him during this journey. It is a complete and total faith walk as we have no control over any of the decisions. It is all up to Him.

So where are we at financially? We have gotten some great responses to our adoption. We are so thankful to those of you who have committed to praying and supporting us. Without you, this adoption would not be taking place. Right now, we have a need of about $1,000 to pay for part of our home study. This is a fee we did not expect to pay so soon. However, as I told our social worker, we believe in a God who supplies our every need and we know He will supply this need. If you would join us in prayer that God would provide the $1000 we need by this Friday, that we would appreciate it.

Thanks for checking out our blog. One day soon, I hope to be posting on here that God has picked out the perfect child to join our lives. :)

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