Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Update and An Interview

I know it's been a little while since I've's how life goes and you can always catch up more on my life, or see pictures on our family blog.

In the meantime, I wanted to let you all know that I was interviewed for an article on Going Into Debt for In Vitro or Adoption: Is It Worth It? Feel free to check it out, but know that my name is not Kirsten; I promise it's Vanessa! :) Edited: It's been updated correctly to Vanessa.

The post should be syndicated on The Huffington Post at some point, so look for it there, and I'll come back and add the link when it finally is! Edited: Here it is!  It was an honor to be interviewed and just showed me once again how God was in control of our debt free adoption, and not us as He wanted this story told to a million people or more. Please note that while the article states we took out a small loan, what it failed to mention, is that the loan was paid off almost immediately after we adopted Xiomara. I just wanted to mention that in case anyone was confused by that statement!

He has pretty incredible plans for our little girl! Speaking of her, I couldn't share an update without a picture and a little bit about what life is like for her right now. Xiomara is all two right now. That means she is into everything. Her newest adventures include coloring over her dolls with pens, crawling up on the bathroom sink to play with the water, and every once and awhile throwing herself on the floor in a tantrum. She honestly spends most of her days smiling and laughing! She is talking a ton now and repeats a lot of what we say, or what her older sisters say. She hasn't quite mastered potty training, but with summer and her third birthday coming up, mommy is going to work on it with her. She finally ditched her paci, only to replace it with her thumb. While it sure is cute, I'm pretty sure it's worse to have a thumb sucker as I can't get rid of her thumb!

Everyday with her is a joy and I can't imagine my life without her. I'm looking forward to watching her grow into the amazing girl, and one day woman, God is already forming her into.

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