Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Love

Xiomara, today is Mother's Day. A day to celebrate mother's around the world. While today Dada is making the day a special day for me, and you are loving on me with your sweet, wet smooches, I am thinking of your firstmom "J". The mama who gave you life and all her love.

I want you to know "J" as best as you can, whether that is through letters, pictures, or me just telling you about her. So today, on this second mother's day, I want you to know a little bit about her.

First, she is beautiful. No surprise really with how gorgeous you are. But she really is beautiful. You have her little pointed chin, and even though your eyes are a different color than hers, I believe you had the same shape of eyes as her.

She had a sweet disposition and every time we talked on the phone before you were born, I felt as if I could talk to her for hours. If I had known her in real life, I'm pretty sure we could have easily been friends.

I remember on the day we came to pick you up, she was crying just huge tear drops. She shook as she handed you to me. That would be the last time she held you. She told me over and over again how much she loved you. And she truly did. You could see that love shining for you in her eyes. She asked me to take good care of you and to love you as if you were my own. When it was time for her to leave, I asked her if she wanted to hold you again. She told me, she didn't think she could because she wasn't sure she could give you back to me. I realized the depth of her love in that simple statement.

So on this Mother's Day, I think and pray for "J" that she would be loved and comforted, and know how much you love her too. That you would always respect her and love her for that and take joy in knowing the woman who you first called mama in your heart.

We love you "J"! Happy Mother's Day!

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