Friday, November 26, 2010

I thought of you today

And wondered if you thought of her.
It was her first holiday celebration afterall.
You missed it.
And it made my heart break wondering if yours was breaking today too.

She rolled from her tummy to her back today for the first time.
She smiled galore.
She laughed.
She didn't eat turkey, but had lots of good warm mama milk.

And inside, I wonder if she knew.
Knew that I was wishing in some odd way that you could be a part of this too.
Her life, this day, everyday.

And then I realized that you are.
You are in her smile.
And her chin is just like yours.
Her eyes often sparkle the same sparkle that I know is in your eyes.

So even if you missed her today.
And even though you will miss her tomorrow.
Know that you are in her.
You gave her life.
You gave her love.
You gave her your heart.

And that is the best thanks we all could ever give you today.

Happy Thanksgiving "J"! We love and thank you for our little Xiomara!!


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