Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Checking In


I'll make this udpate short. Got a call yesterday afternoon. Birthmom picked a different family. We are at complete peace about it! God is good! :)


Many of you have been asking why we switched our blog address. The main reason is for privacy. Our old address had our last name in it. While I fully believe that God will protect us and keep us safe, I did want to take precautions and be wise. We are also starting a family blog that will have a link on this blog. So again, I wanted our privacy to stay in tact.

Today I am feeling jittery and could use some prayers. We know that the birth mom has been shown our profile but is still making her decision. I have so many doubts and fears that I don't want to have at all. Again, we ask that you just pray for God to open the door if this is meant to be, or to close it if not. Ultimately, I want peace for the birth mom and ourselves.

Thanks to everyone! :) I will keep you updated.

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