Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sometimes I wish...

*That we just magically had all the money in our lap so that when our social worker calls with a situation we could say yes and not have to even think about the money aspect of the adoption.

*That we hadn't shared with the world that we are adopting because it is so hard to have people either 1. ignore it and never acknowledge it 2. have to tell people we are STILL waiting.

*That we would have gone the foster to adopt route on waiting infants so that it would not cost us all this money.

*That God would just reveal to me His plan in all of this.

*That I wouldn't cry so much over this baby, for this baby.

*That I could cherish my time with my two girls more right now and not focus so much on the adoption.

*That this baby would be snuggled into my arms right now as I post this.

Sometimes I just wish.....

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