Sunday, November 2, 2008

For Such A Time As This

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14

If you are now squinting and staring at your screen, going "Uh, no she didn't?!?", yes, she did! :) I did just post a beautiful picture of a pregnancy test. Not just any random pregnancy test, that test would belong to me. Yes, we are pregnant!

We were a bit surprised, but the only verse that kept going through my mind over and over again, was the verse above. For some reason, God used that verse to reassure me (Vanessa) that it was in His timing and for such a time as this. I need that reassuring as I get very sick in my pregnancies. God has been good though, and this pregnancy has been slightly easier then Z's pregnancy. Thus, no throwing up everyday, all day long. :)

So the big question everyone wants answered: Are we still adopting? YES! Absolutely! God has placed on our hearts adoption, and we truly feel that the time for that is still now, despite a pregnancy. If God calls both to us, then He will allow us to handle both. We sincerely look forward to it. There was not one bit of doubt in our minds that God had called us to still adopt.

When am I due? If you take a look at my pregnancy test, I have marked the date. Yep, that would make me 3 months pregnant. We have known for some time, but wanted to wait until our first appointment. Baby is due to come around May 22, 2009. Zoelle and this baby will be just two years apart. A very exciting time for us.

We ask that you, as our faithful supporters and prayer warriors uplift us in prayer. Specifically, I ask that you could pray my all day sickness ends soon. We also would ask that you would pray for God to give us the patience to wait out both an adoption and a pregnancy. Lastly, we ask prayer "for such a time as this", for God has called us to this time, a time that we are unsure of in the adoption world. Please pray that He would continue to love and guide our hearts in this adoption.

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